Aim of the Program

 This programme is focused on women’s empower towards self-protection. In today’s world, increasing number of women step out of the house either for education or for work. On one hand while we celebrate this women’s achievement, their safety on the road still remains a big concern. Our programme is designed to alleviate these concerns through which would not only keep them vigilant but would also help in self-defense against anti-social element

Program code WIS-07
Duration 4 Hours
No. of Participants 20 – 40

Scope of the program

  • Theory and practical training
  • Psychological aspect of both the attacker and defender
  • Set clear objectives – What is dangerous and what is not?
  • Tactics to sense, evaluate and rate
  • Understanding Male & female psyche
  • Sensitize women to their natural powers
  • Prevention – De-escalation-flight-flee-post conflict actions
  • Using common objects as weapons to defend
  • Specialized ‘kravMaga’ Self – defense techniques for women
  • Real attack scenarios and simulations, stress drills
  • Basic strikes and defense to escape from common attacks on the street, releases from wristgrabs, hair grabs.