Aim of the Program

 Smoke is the biggest challenge for a firefighter / emergency personal while fighting a fire. In industrial rescue operations, the biggest challenge is handling the presence of deadly toxic gases such as ammonia, CO, Hydrogen sulphide, phosgene, chlorine etc. SCBA(Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) is a life saving equipment which protects against smoke & toxic gases, making the difference between life and death.
This training programme is meant for Emergency Personnel / Rescue Workers / Security / Maintenance / ERT / CRT Members This programme will effectively train personal in interior fire fighting which is much more effective than exterior fire fighting and is the need of hour, especially for High -Rise Buildings / Industries in Rescue & Fire Fighting Operations

Program code WIS-05
Duration 4 Hours
No. of Participants 20 – 40

Scope of the program

  • Principles of respiration
  • Different types of gases in the atmosphere
  • Harmful effects of low oxygen levels in the body
  • Accessories of SCBA set
  • Pre tests to be done before donning
  • Donning procedure
  • Pre-entry tests
  • Doffing procedure
  • Maintenance & storage