Aim of the Program

 This is a second level programme designed primarily for for ERT/ CRT members, security staff, maintenance staff etc. This program deals with efficient usage of fire hydrant systems, to deal with major outbreak of fire.Most of the occupancies are provided with captive fire hydrant systems. The legislation makes it mandatory to provide hydrant in high-rise buildings. All it needs is familiarization of fire hydrants and its operations to occupants. In particular, in high-rise buildings, external aid from fire bridge is quite difficult because of height constraints.

Program code WIS-04
Duration 4 Hours
No. of Participants 20 – 40

Scope of the program

  • Different types of fire hoses
  • Branch pipes & Nozzels
  • Lifting and carrying of fire hoses
  • Connecting, unrolling, rolling-up hoses
  • Signalling
  • Foam applications
  • Wet Drill