Aim of the Program

 Thermography or thermology is the medical science that derives diagnostic indications from highly detailed and sensitive infrared images. Thermal imaging are valuable tools that can have a significant impact on your troubleshooting and maintenance productivity.

Program code WIS-04
Duration 4 Hours
No. of Participants 20 – 40

Scope of the program

  • Scanning all electrical equipment using infrared camera by a level 1 / level 2 certified Thermographer.
  • Thermography to be done when load conditions are at a peak.
  • Shall cover all power systems from feeder to the user.
  • Scanning of all Electrical Equipment’s using Infrared Thermography Camera.
  • Capturing / recording of images of the Electrical equipment’s where problems are observed.
      1. Utility substations, transformers and feed poles.
      2. Main incoming, capacitor banks etc.,
      3. Main switchboards and disconnects.
      4. Main distribution panels and main disconnects.
      5. Uninterruptible power supplies.
      6. Generator controls and transfer switches.
      7. Main I-Line panels.
      8. Lighting panels.
      9. Disconnects and combination starters.
      10. Service disconnects for motors.
      11. Machine control panels.