Aim of the Program

 Electrical Safety Audit is performed by enquiry, inspection, testing and verification. Electrical Safety Audits are conducted by experienced professionals who assist clients in reducing risk and help to ensure compliance with applicable Safety Standards and Regulations

Reporting & Recommendations

  • At the end of field study, a report with executive summery will be provided on the findings of the study and recommendations for next course of action. The report will include observations and recommendations based on the above scope of work and premises specific observations 
  • All reports will be produced in draft form as ‘Privileged and confidential – Prepared at request of “Garret motion India, Pune.,”
  • The recommendations provided in the report would be categorized as per the following criteria:

Recommendation Category Criterion
HIGH Recommendations that are provided to address existing statutory non-compliance, deviation from standard operating procedures defined by the company etc.
MEDIUM Recommendations that are provided to address deviations from practices prescribed by national / international standards applicable.
LOW Recommendations that are provided based on good engineering practices followed in similar industry

  • Standards Adopted

    • State Factories Rules
    • NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) of USA
    • Central Electricity Authority (Formerly, Indian Electricity Rules) 2010
    • National Electrical Code / Indian / International Standards


Scope of the program

  • Verification of statutory compliance with respect to NFPA and Indian Standards, this would include the following,
    • Compliance to Statutory Rules – CEA 2010
    • Safety Monitoring
    • Safety Interlocks
    • Maintenance practices
  • Physical inspection to identify electrical hazards (shock, fire, explosion, overloading) and to suggest electrical safety solutions. 
  • Norms for temporary wiring needs (if any)
  • Adequacy of electrical control systems and its physical components.
  • Reviewing the role of electrical safety in the total safety system.
  • Review of protection devices / system of the electrical installation on sample basis. 
  • Review of electrical accidents to identify root cause of the accidents and suggest improvement measures to prevent accidents.
  • Review the EPM (Electrical Preventive Maintenance) program in the establishment and to examine the documentation, checklists, permits, test records, etc. and to suggest recommendations as per applicable standards and to find out the gap between recommended frequency and the actual practiced. This would include the inspection of contractor documents  
  • To identify training needs of the employees/electrician from the point of view of electrical safety.
  • To evaluate and suggest improvements wherever possible in the LOTO system ( energy control process)
  • To evaluate the earthing system (installation and maintenance) in the Premises based and to suggest recommendations.
  • Review of lightning protection system installed in the premises.
  • To find out any potential electrostatic hazards in the facility 
  • To evaluate the potential electrical fire hazards in the complex electrical installation and to suggest fire protection measures as international standards 
  • Cable laying practices / Electrical wiring installation 
  • To present a risk ranking tool based on the actual parameters for the desired facility. 
  • Audit team will also identify the opportunity for the automation of all electrical systems to ensure the safety and reliability of the Premises.