Aim of the Program

Evacuation Mock Drill – This program is to train occupants on how to evacuate any building / plant during any emergency and also to educate occupants about the minimum knowledge one should possess to save themselves and others during evacuations. Added advantage of this program is: all related systems such as fire alarm, public address, access control, fire escape staircase, safe assembly area etc., are put to test – hence deficiencies, if any, are known.

A significant amount of money is spent in many places on various fire protection systems. When a fire breaks out, however, many people are killed. Sometimes systems fail, and employees are not always properly trained to evacuate. People are killed because they do not know what to do or where to go. The evacuation drills go over things like what to do and where to go.

Program code WIS-03
Duration 2.5-3 Hours
No. of Participants 20 – 40

Scope of the program

  • Survey of the occupancy
  • Preparatory meeting
  • Alignment meeting
  • Evacuation Mock Drill / Onsite emergency preparedness drill
    1. Review of the drill
    2. Guidelines to the occupants
    3. Basic Do’s and Don’t about    Evacuation Rescue Techniques
    4. Demonstration-fire extinguishers / fire Hydrants.
  • Review meeting