Aim of the Program

 This program is to train occupants on how to evacuate any building / plant during any emergency and also to educate occupants about the minimum knowledge one should possess to save themselves and others during evacuations. Added advantage of this program is: all related systems such as fire alarm, public address, access control, fire escape staircase, safe assembly area etc., are put to test – hence deficiencies, if any, are known.

Program code WIS-03
Duration 2.5-3 Hours
No. of Participants 20 – 40

Scope of the program

  • Survey of the occupancy
  • Preparatory meeting
  • Alignment meeting
  • Evacuation drill / Onsite emergency preparedness drill
    1. Review of the drill
    2. Guidelines to the occupants
    3. Basic Do’s and Don’t’s about    Evacuation Rescue Techniques
    4. Demonstration-fire extinguishers / fire Hydrants.
  • Review meeting