Aim of the Program

 Fire Safety Audit is more like a check on the safety of any Establishment from the point of Fire Safety Management.
Fire Safety Audit is a prevention mode exercise which can prevent breakdowns/fire accidents/non-compliance penalizations.

Program code WIS-04
Duration 4 Hours
No. of Participants 20 – 40

Scope of the program

  • Leadership commitment to Fire Safety
  • Compliance to regulatory norms
  • Fire safety infrastructure – both outdoor and indoor
  • Fire Hydrant System, Automatic Sprinkler system, Fire Alarm System
  • Portable First Aid Fire Extinguishers, Electrical safety/safety systems in production and storage areas from the fire safety perspective, Condition of Electrical Rooms
  • Condition of UPS / DG sets, Fuel storage – HSD/Furnace Oil etc.,
  • Condition of Gas bank, Condition of Coal/Fuel storage
  • Condition of Boiler area, Waste management
  • House Keeping, Medical First Aid Boxes / Systems
  • Personal Protective Equipment’s, Communication of Fire Safety requirements
  • Signage’s/ Message boards, Emergency Response Team preparation levels
  • Compliance with the previous year’s Audit findings
  • Overall monitoring